We supply "Stock cars", "Auction supply Cars" at better condition than another car export companies in japan.
All of our cars are inspected fully at our own factory, repaired, tuned, modified as custmer requests.
We are welcome "Car mania", "Dealers", and "any persons &companies" wants to get good condition cars.

Japanese Used Car Exporter/MONKY'S INC
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--How To Buy / 1st Step--
Let us have your enquiry for "Stock Car Request" or "Auction Buying Request"

Please fill out the required information in the Order Form, then send your enquiry at us.
When you send your enquiry e-mail, Please write,
  • Custmer's Full Name, or Company Name
  • Contact full address
  • Telephone number
Because We need these "Custmer informations" so as to quote the correct CIF and FOB price.
After we have the custmer informations, We will send the detail pics and vehicle informations to the custmer via e-mail

To go step forward easily, Please write the informations in your 1st contact, an enquiry e-mail at us.
It is more helpful for the custmer and us to talk over our deals.
ORDER FORM Service available here
"Auction buying service"and "Stock car buying service"

We send our e-mail to you within 48hours, "Price, condition, pictures" available.

We will send the vehicle detail pictures, vehicle detail informations to you within 48hours,
  • Both Sieds Front view, and rear view
  • Interior, seats, dashboards,
  • Engine bay, and specific parts installed in the Car(Aftermarket, or special make parts)
You can get a lots of car conditoin through those pictures.
We always give our comments regarding to the good points and the bad points of the Car.

??Differences between the other Car export company and MONY'S INC??

Most of Japanese Car export company is called as "Auction agents" or "AS IS CAR EXPORTER", and their business sylle is "To supply the car at low price", This is main target for those companies.
MONKY'S INC are totally different from them, We mainly supply "Our stock Car" to the custmer all over the world, and All of our stock vehicle are not sold to our custmer "AS IS condtions came from Auto auction, or other resouces".

Our stock cars are came from Auto auction, Dealer stock "Trade-in" cars, private resouces, etc a lot of resouces.
We bought our stock cars, then inspect the car, tune, repaire, then put the car in our inventory.
This is the big difference between the other car export companies in japan, and MONKY'S INC.

So If you are interested in buying "More better conditoin cars from japan", MONKY'S INC is the best company for you!

You can get these service
  • Detail informations about the Stock Car, Condition, drive feeling.
  • Additional tune-up, parts replacement, modification service available.(Extra Labor & Parts cost required)
  • Body, engine, mechanical repariment service available.(Extra Labor & Parts cost required)
Since We have our own "Service factory", and "100 or more Capacity Car stock yard", so You don't need to worry about the expensive storate fees in japan, and We can supply "More quality service" than other car exporters
Check Oil & Filter dirt Coolant level, dirt, Brake fluid level, dirt check Running test is performend by us
At first, We check the oil level, dirt.
The Oil & The Oil filter is changed if needed judging by Our Inspection.
The Visual check for All Liquid, Coolant, Brake fluid, ATFluid are carried out , All fluid is filled up or changed if needed by our inspection The Running test is actually performed by us in City & Highway road, and All Driving impression is feedbacked to our custmer.
Check the underfloor, dents, scraches, rusts. Tune, lube up the car at our best Total 100units over capacity Stock Yard
After the test driving, If we find some troubles, We check the car again at our factory.
(Details are feedbacked to you)
Parts change, tune-up service is available at our factory.
(Additional cost required when the parts are replaced.)
After these Inspection procedures, The Stock car is Kept in Our Stock Yards in good manner.
We put All the Car into operation weekly to keep them in good cond.
Our basic inspection points are here : FOR FREE SERVICE
  • Oil level, dirtness check(Fill up, change oil, oil filter when it needed)
  • Fluids level, dirtness check(same as above)
  • Rusts, bends, scraches, dents check(Informations are feedbacked to Custmers)
  • A/C running check, Clutch, transmission check, Suspesion moving check
  • Turbocharger condition check(check the smog, and boost feeling)
  • All electric amenities check(When it need to be repaired, Additional fee are required)
We always send Sufficient anad Detail informations about our stock car
Those pics are minimized in its size on this page,
usually 600px X 450px size pictures are sent to you via e-mail.
1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM 1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM 1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM
Front Angle (right side) Front Angle (left side) Rear Angle (right side)
1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM 1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-T TypeM RB20DET Turbocharged engine unit
Rear Angle (left side) Door & Hood open Angle Engine Room
RB20DET Turbocharged engine unit Inside Skyline TypeM Inside Skyline TypeM
Front Angle(Hood opened) Front seats(From driver side) Front seats(passenger side)
Door Panel Skyline TypeM Door Panel Skyline TypeM Dashboard Skyline TypeM
Door panel (Driver side) Door panel (Passenger side) Dashboard (Passenger side)
Driver's side Skyline TypeM Rear interior Skyline TypeM Rear interior Skyline TypeM
Dashboard & gauge area Rear seats (Driver side) Rear seats (Passenger side)
Meter Cluster, gauges. Specific/17'inch Alloy rims Full Detail 600px X 450px pics
All the pics are sent via E-mail
Additional pics are available when you need to see the specific points.

Gauge panel Aftermarket parts picture(Rims)
Car conditions in details, Exterior, interior, running conditions, good points, bad points are explained in E-mail reply to our custmers when we send those pictures.

If the Car has some bad points which are recommended for the repairment, tune-up, We tell the exact labor and parts fees, and All the conditons are widely open by us, and We guarantee We will give you as much infomrations as we cound find out the car.

We can't give any "Warranty service" for our stock cars, So We will try to tell all the vehicle informations to the cusmter as could as possible.
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