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--Bidding Custmer Cars in Auction house-- MONKY'S INC Used Car and Truck Auctions Buying service

We have most of all Major Japanese Auction memberships in japan, USS, HAA, CAA, JU, LAA, etc, and have some local auction's, so we can help you to get your cars in those professional auction places. As you knonws, The auction is the place for The professional liscensed dealers participating, Buy&Sell Used Cars at Whole sale price. After all, It is the most "Reasonable shopping" method for importers and dealers to get the used cars at good price range

We offer
"2 different Online auction services" Our company programs shows vehicle detail informations, date, car name, auction grade, you can check the target vehicle just seeing at Your Lap Top PC.

For Used Cars Dealer
Car Dealers/Paid deposit custmers

For Individual Custmer
Non re-seller /Private Cars

MONKY'S INC online auction service program--Available only for the custmer who paid the auction deposit. USS Car Bazar Auction list page--Access Free

Sample Screen
Trial Membership Requests

Sample Screen
USS Car Bazar Page

This is our "Online Auction Service Program",
You can see All Cars and Trucks detail info, lists, sorted by Makes, Year, Model name, available 95% of Japanese Auction houses.

Auction Cars listed in our program is updated Every day.

Memberships and deposit are required to access and bid on this Auction service program.

The USS auto auction is No.1 largest size auction houses in japan, 18auction houses all over japan.60,000Used cars,trucks in total number are auctioned in all USS auction houses.

Updated daily, and Access free.

**Translated auction sheet info, bidding service is only available after you pay "Auction deposit".
You need to send us The Auction deposit by Bank T/T or Western Union prior to "Place an bidding order". Minimum deposit is required , on the value of the Car, truck. and it is also refundable except the japanbank fee total 6,000JPY.

Here are the
"Auction deposit" rates
Here are the "how to send money".
You can choice the target car, truck, and bid directly on our "Online auction service program". Please note that The previous auction results data are not available at us BEFORE YOU PAY THE AUCTION DEPOSIT AT US. We provide such datas only to the custmers who paid the deposit, and started to purchasing process.

The Bidding price is the F.O.B Price, includes our auction fees, Local transport fee in japan, and Customs fees, and Basically Sales terms is "As is Condition" Unless We have additional service requests.
If you need CIF price, Please note it us Before you bid the price in the "Bidding form".
The bidding be succesful, We send the bill of the balance soon by e-mail.
The balance have to be paid within 2days after We send the Bill of Sale.
If we would not receive the balance within 2days, We will automatically seize your deposit, and The car will be sold to others, or back to auction immediately.
We confirm your balance at our bank account, We will arrange the shipping.

**RORO schedule is Irregular basis, and The availability of "Booking" depends on the schedule, and the booking situations, provided by the shipping companies. It is out of our control.
If you would like to get Cars "On schedule", We can arrange "Container shipping" for you.

You accept your car at the destination port.

Hope We could deal with you long time basis!
Auction Deposit:
Bidding Budget:
Under 500,000JPY
Over 500,000JPY up to 1,000,000JPY(1milion JPY)
Over 1,000,000JPY
Rare Cars , vintage Cars, Difficult to find car
Bidding Deposit
30% of Bidding budget
50% to 100%, depends on the model
Bidding Fee 1,000JPY
How to make the payment by Bank T/T
MONKY'S INC Banking information

Bank Name: RESONA Bank
Branch : Tamatsukuri Branch , Osaka, JAPAN
Account no : 1622127
Name : MONKY'S INC, Mr.Yasuhiro Totoki

How to make the payment by Western union
We will inform you the recipient info for Western Union Money transfer payment as your requests.

Available Additional Service--Fees, parts cost required separately

We have our own "Mechanical and Body factory", and "Tuning factory" Osaka, JAPAN, this means that We can offer wide variety of additional services, RECONDITION CARS, TRUCKS, Body repairment jobs, and Modification , tuning cars before We ship cars from japan.
Even though "Dealers", or "Individual custmers", We can accept these additional requests .
Very reasonable labor and parts fees are profitable for custmers who would like to buy very good condition cars which doesn't need to be repaired when it arrives at custmer country.

For more details, Please ask in advance before You bid the target car via our Online auction.
We will quote the additional service, labor, parts fees.

Brake disassembled, check, change parts, assembled Suspension modify--fit coil over, down spring, fits aftermarket suspension linkage... etc
Brake inspection, repairment
Suspension tune up, modify
Quality best Full, half, part painting, Body kits installation, etc, etc Chassis, rusts removal, paint, lube up, etc
Body paint, Body kit fitting, modify Chassis cleaning, paint, lube up
Interior Recondition, aftermarket parts supply, etc We can set up cars by Apexi Power FC, FC shop in our area
Aftermarket parts supply, fitting..etc Any modifications-ECU set up, etc
Very clean, Quality cleaning service available. Aftermarket sports, race clutch, trany conversion, any modification service availale at MONKY'S INC
Inspection, repairment, cleaning, etc Any Modifications-Upgrade Clutch kit
Supply aftermarket parts only the custmer who purchased cars at MONKY'S INC test driving, report available
Supply & Instlattion service-Body kit Test Driving-check actual conditions.
Sports models You can import whatmodel you want to get through at MONKY'S INC
·········Skyline GT-R, GTS-T, GTT, RX-7, MR-2Tbar, Civic Integra TypeR, Lancer EVO, Subaru Imprezza, etc...
Auction Car Sales BNR34 GT-R M-spec Auction Agent Service ER34 Skyline 2500GT-T with aero Japan Used Car Auction BCNR33 Skyline GT-R V-spec2 Japanese Cars Auction ECR33 Skyline GTS-T typeM
BNR32 Skyline GT-R HONDA S2000 FD3S Mazda RX-7 Type R HONDA NSX
DC8 Integra Type R FD3S Type-RB Integra Type R 3DR hatch WRX STi Imprezza
NB8C MX-5 Roadster CT9A EVO NA8CE MX-5 Roadster EVO
Civic TypeR SW20 MR2 T-bar GT-S Z33 Fairlady 350Z GCZ32 Falrlady Z 2by2 TT
WRX STi Imprezza WRX STi Imprezza WRX STi Imprezza JZA80 TT Supra
HONDA BEAT micro-midship KRS13 180SX Mitsubishi GTO 3000TT Daihatsu Coppen Open
Passenger, SUV(4WD), and Truck vehicles You can import what you want to get through at MONKY'S INC
·········Cefiro, G-Touring, Legacy, Corona, Premio, Lucida, Galant, Legnum, Pajero, Hi-Ace, FUSO, ISUZU,Strada, etc...
Nissan Cefiro FB15 Sunny CT190 Premio Corona Galant VR4
Alphard wagon 10seats Hi-ace 3000DT Esimal Lucida DT 8seats SpaceGear 8seats
G-Touring Challenger Terrano Strada Double cab truck
Pantek Truck Harrier SUV Midzet micro truck ISUZU TRUCK
Terrios Legnum wagon MPV zoom zoom zoom CR-V
Legacy wagon Legacy sedan Legacy wagon Stagea wagon

If you don't use this "online auction service program", Please contact us by e-mail.

Our contact information are;
E-mail ; office@monkys.jp
TEL/FAX ; +81-72-624-6153
Mobile ; +81-90-2062-2270
Our business hours ; A.M 9:00 to P.M 19:00 GMT:+9:00

We are waiting for your enquiries from all over the world!

Our reply rules,

We promise to send our reply at least in 48 hours after receiving your inquiry mails, But We regret to say that We can't promise to reply your e-mail enquiries If it doesn't have No names, No address, No contact details.
As We are proud of sellig very good vehicle and service to the customers, We are waiting serious enquiries.

TEL/FAX:+81-72-624-6153 HOT LINE:+81-90-2062-2270
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