All Japanese Used Cars We supply to our custmers are taken care of at our best before leaving japan.
"Dust, mud free body, easy to pass querantine inspection at custmer country",custmer can drive, or re-sell it without "any works",
We offer "Save your time and money" using our Quality vehicle buying service at MONKY'S INC.

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--How To Buy / Final Step
Shipping Preparation Procedures for Our Custmer's Car

After Clean up the car completely, and then send the picture to custmer, Usually The custmer vehicle is waiting for the Local transportation from Our yard to the Departure port for a while.

We always try to store the custmer vehicle in our stock yard, prevent the custmers car from "Parts stoler", "Rusty salt winds on the yard located in the Japan wharf", and "Miss handling in the custmer's yard".
We know that The Quetantine matter is very important in port of entry in all countries, and The soils, seeds, dirtness of the vehicle cost extra money against our custmer in custmer's country.

We always try to Store the custmer's vehicle in our yard as could as possible, and as long as We can wait for the shipment schedule in japan.
How Come??? Final Shipping Preparation Procedures for Our Custmer's Car???

We always give our custmer "Wrapping service" for the custmer purchased car.(Stock vehicle buying service only)

All vehicles are wraped up by Brand New Durable thin vinyl sheet in order to avoid dirt and carelessness under transportation.
This preparations prevent the Interior parts from "Dirt, missing parts, and mishandling" by the workers in Japan, the other countries in most cases.

All vehicles dashboard, door side panel, console, every plastic parts are sprayed out famous UV protectant "ARMOR ALL PROTECTANT"

You can receive the same vehicles as the state where it is seen in the photograph in your country.

Most of our custmer are satisfied with these our Quality Services, So We have been doing these services since starting our business 1999 year, and We of course do more services continuously.
Those pics are minimized in its size, usually 600px X 450px size pictures are sent to you via e-mail.
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec NISMO modified 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec NISMO modified Parts are put into a box, then labeled by the Shipping Mark as Inner Cargo Load, treat as carefully
Front seats, dashboard Rear seats, floor Inner Cargo is packed in good manner, and written a Shipping Case Number.
1990 Red SW20 Toyota MR-2, bounded for Canada 1990 SW20 MR-2 modified, bounded for Canada 1989 HCR32 Skyline GTS-T TypeM, bounded for Canada
1990 Red MR-2 GT Limited 1990 MR-2 GT 1989 Skyline GTS-T TypeM
1989 HCR32 Skyline GTS-T TypeM, bounded for Canada 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia K's Modified 1989 Nissan S13 Silvia K's Modified
1989 Skyline GTS-T TypeM 1989 Silvia K's 1989 Silvia K's
1989 JDM Honda Integra Xsi VTEC, bounded for Canada 1989 JDM Honda Integra Xsi VTEC, bounded for Canada 1989 JDM Honda Integra Xsi VTEC, bounded for Canada
1989 JDM Honda Integra 1989 JDM Honda Integra 1989 JDM Honda Integra
Full Detail 600px X 450px pics
All the pics are sent via E-mail
Additional pics are available when you need to see the specific points.

Those Shipping preparations are done by us just before the Local transport arrangement in japan.
All the interior conditon is almost the same condition as it is when you see the car in your country.
Quality Local transport service available at us!
This Driver inspects the car body conditions carefully One of Rare UK imported MG RV8 We do "Double check" the inspection sheet with The driver's and sign this sheet
ZERO's Carrier Car driver does Transport work appropriately, after investigating the body conditon of the vehicles carefully.
Rare, exotic, Low height car is always transported by "Low Height exclusive use trucks, To avoid the scraches of the undre chassis.
(1996 MG RV8 4000CC UK imported, Limited model)
This Check sheet was stored at ZERO, and they give this copy to our custom's Broker hand by hand.
This is a special LOW HEIGHT units carrier car Can load 5cm clearance low height car on the bed Just left NO.1 MONKY'S YARD
ZERO driver always handle Our Custmer's car with Care, and in good manner to prevent the car from accidents, damages, scraches. The loaded Car is tighten by steal ropes between car and truck carefully. All ZERO driver are friendly, and experienced, trained , so We always use this reliable local transport company for our custmer satisfactions.
Check the odometer reading, and Inside conditions Drive Very carefully. 1989 Sil80 and 1989 CR-X VTEC
MONKY'S INC are watching the advance of their work in front of the Carrier trucks.
This makes the quality of transport be in better than usual.
1989 Sil80 shipped to Canada on 2004 year. Just left our stock yard for departure port yard.
1989 300ZX 2seats 1989 300ZX 2seats 1992 UZZ30 SOARER 4000 GT
1989 Z32 300ZX shipped to AU 1989 Z32 300ZX shipped to AU We are always wathcing the advance of their work in spite of Mid night................. . . .
1990 MR-2, 1990 FC3S, and 1990 BNR32 CR-X VTEC B16A 1989 model 2 Drifting Silvia K's and 1 Drifting Cefiro
MR-2, FC3S, BNR32 GT-R......... In spite of Heavy rainy day..... Skyline's and Silvia's, etc...
1989 Black BNR32 GT-R Modified 1989 Black BNR32 GT-R Modified 1989 Black BNR32 GT-R Modified and TypeM modified
watch out the clearance of under the front bumper..... Put some rubber sheet below the front tyres... loaded in good manner......
Cefi and Silvia K's 1989 S13 Silvia K's Modified 1989 Skyline GTS-T TypeM
Cefi, Silvia, Skyline's etc. looks like "Climbing a mouintain Midnight Hill climb trial!!!
1989 Skyline TypeM and 1989 FC3S RX-7 "Bumper off" Skyline and Silvia
Skyline & FC3S.. Sometimes We should take off the bumper to avoid the damages... This is Skyline. Let's go to Yokohama Port!
1971 KGC10 Nissan Skyline GT-X modified GT-R looking 1995 DRIFT Modified, ECR33 Skyline GTS-T TypeM 1999 NISMO BNR34 GT-R in the 20FT DRY container
We sometime go to checking the customer's car at the custom's Broker yard when we should confirm the vehicle condiion again. Some Specific Car which is like "Very difficult to drive in good manner, or difficult to be loaded on the Carrier Truck Car ", We bring the car by ourself to the departure port. Container vanning procedure is always watched out by our staff at the departure port carefully.

We belive that You understand We always take care of our custmers car, and pay all attention to the custmer cars before the shipment. It is very easy to just say" We hanle your car in good manner", but We recognized that All the experinces and these evidence picture shows our "Business quality and service level" to the custmers.

These pics are one of our service guidelines, and the easy to understand samples.

Those "Step by Step" progress pictures are sent to you always.
We hope you understand Our business policy, service, quality...
You can get Your DREAM CAR at best conditions!

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